The heart of the CWC is our members.  Throughout Lake County there are women and their families suffering the effects of poverty, domestic violence and homelessness.  We see this need and support these organizations with monetary donations and volunteer hours throughout the year.


The mission of this organization is to build connections with its members, the community, and charities they support, and to raise money through fundraising events and donations to help Lake County-based charitable organizations benefitting women and children and other community programs in need in Lake County.  Donors may deduct contributions donated to the Caring Women’s Connection as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.  It is the privilege and responsibility of the donor to establish the value of all gifts in kind made to the Caring Women’s Connection.  We will provide a tax receipt for all donations.


CWC also offers scholarships to qualifying high school seniors with plans to attend Universities who best exemplify the qualities of community service and strong academics.  


Unpaid volunteers hold all organizational and administrative positions.  It is our goal to keep expenses to a minimum and far exceed the requirements of our 501(c)(3) status.

Membership is open to ALL men and women over the age 21 who share our interest in helping the community along with supporting women and children in need, while developing lasting friendships, networking, and participating in many of the  fun events.  We generally hold monthly Connection meetings at the Lake Forest Community Center, 23489 N. East Rd, Lake Zurich, IL  60047 from August through July each year, along with a variety of special events throughout the year.

As a member, you will be able to attend our fun, informative meetings, complete with appetizers and raffles, as well as receive our printed newsletter, Connections.   Some members simply choose to become members to support our mission even though they are unable to attend the events.

Individual Membership Renewals

Please click HERE to renew your membership

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