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Caring Women’s Connection

Caring Women’s Connection (CWC) is a 501[C]3 not-for-profit organization. The mission of this organization is to build connections with its members, the community, and charities they support, and to raise money through fundraising events and donations to help Lake County-based charitable organizations serving women and children and other community programs in need in Lake County. Donors may deduct contributions donated to the Caring Women’s Connection as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. It is the privilege and responsibility of the donor to establish the value of all gifts in kind made to the Caring Women’s Connection. We will provide a tax receipt for all donations.

Wedding Gala, Saturday, February 25th

We cagala-headern’t wait to see you at the wedding!  Compete with a gift table (gifts donated to families transitioning to their own housing), silent auction for treats, a Jewelry Raffle sponsored by Timothy Grant Jewelry, Live auctions for getting the couple off on the right foot!   Click Here for more the information


Monthly Events!

Caring Women’s Connection hosts monthly events for it’s members with various topics for fun. education and making a difference – please see the calendar for the full schedule.


2017 Grant Application

Please complete and return by April 1st

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Corporate Members!

Become a Corporate Member of CWC and help build our community!

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Main Fundraisers

Learn more about our Main Fundraisers including:
Wedding Gala February 25th, 2017
Spring Fashion How, Sunday, April 23, 2017
Hawthorn Woods Garage Sale

Love Fund Auction October 20th, 2016


Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to find opportunities to serve our Community


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