The Chapel Lake Zurich recently marked our 6th year anniversary of performing mobile food pantries in our community.  I‘m so incredibly humbled to be part of such an amazing run where we have provided close to 250,000 meals.  Just let that soak in for a moment to grasp how many lives that has touched…It’s all made possible because of your time, passion and care for serving others in need.  
Don’t stop now as the world needs us to lean-in, now more than ever.  You could even be surprised to learn that the life you change may even be your own.
Please sign up now to reserve your place at our next event.  Don’t wait.  Don’t hesitate.  Click the link, choose your assignment and mark your calendar.  Bring a friend or family member and join us in making a difference.
Mobile Food Pantry – November 11, 2017 (9:00a-12:30p)